Delightful Design are the most thorough designers I’ve ever worked with. Their process focused on my customer at every stage and the outcome was truly fit for purpose
— Marrs Cairo, Design Refine CEO

Supporting clinical research with user insights

“We’d moved a considerable way in the development of our Intellin® platform, to help diabetics manage their outcomes, but were in need of expertise and a process to better understand our users and test our assumptions.

Phil and Minnie brought experience, insight, and a rigorous process as they reached out to our user demographic and gathered user stories, tested our assumptions and learned about our users daily challenges, frustrations and desires. This body of work has become a major part of our future strategy.

Since working with them we’ve been able to move forward with confidence that we are designing a platform that meets the needs of our target demographic and solves the right problems”

Chris Genders, Gendius CEO and Co-founder

Helping busy professionals build fitness routines

“Before collaborating with Delightful Design I didn’t have the skill set to take my fitness mat idea through a design phase and development with manufacturing suppliers. Delightful Design took that entire process off my hands which was a HUGE relief.

Delightful Design had an immediate enthusiasm and authentic excitement at wanting to help me solve my design challenge and translated that enthusiasm into a logical design process with ease.

I can now move forward confidently with my business plan and move into production, setting up my store and start generating some real revenue”

Marrs Cairo, Define Refine CEO & Founder


innovation training for an ngo

“Through a series of workshops, training and working collaboratively with us on our projects, Delightful Design helped us to improve the way we do field research and identify powerful insights that lead to innovative and human-centered solutions. Our new human-centered design process empowers us to empathise with our stakeholders and create better outcomes for everyone impacted by our work'“

Rev.Laud Kwaku Akuffo, TANF Ghana Executive Officer & Founder