Delightful Design’s human-centred design approach helped us to empathise with our stakeholders and create better outcomes for everyone impacted by our work
— TANF Ghana

At Delightful Design we’re passionate about applying human-centered design to our customers projects and across their teams and businesses. Our mission is to solve your biggest problems, empower your teams and delight your customers. We’ll help you to grow your business and add more meaning to your work.

Here’s how we can help


Learn from your customers & launch compelling solutions

Most businesses don’t understand their customer so we help teams to empathise with customers, solve the right problems and launch compelling products and services


Hire us to consult on your product or service launch

A human-centered design consulting service to help businesses reduce the risk of innovation, design for customers and develop innovative solutions ready to launch


Train your team in human-centered design

The innovation process gets messy so we created a training programme to help teams feel creatively confident and integrate human-centered design into their business